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  • Toughened Safety Glass

    All normal Float glass can be put threw a Toughening process to strengthen the Glass and for safety purposes..Designed to shatter into tiny pieces when broken to avoid heavy shards that of glass that may cause harm.

  • Laminated Safety Glass

    All Glass is laminated from scratch. The PVB inter layer giving acoustic values also gives the glass the ability to hold together as a pose to Toughened Glass that shatters.Commonly used on Commercial premises such as Shopfronts ,Offices,Pubs from 4.4mm-10.8 All the way up to 100mm+ Toughened and Laminated Bullet proof Glass.We can produce Supply & Deliver Almost any thickness of Laminated Glass to order.Custom made pieces for extreme protection and security.Anti bandit Glass

  • Georgian Wired & Polished plate Wired Safety Glass

    Most commonly used in Public buildings such as Schools , Hospital, Offices Etc... This widely trusted Glass has a high security level.Ideal for external doors and communal areas or wherever you may need that extra security.

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